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School of Mathematics and Statistics, A black hole fractal
The University of Sheffield,
Hicks Building,
Hounsfield Road,
S3 7RH
United Kingdom
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I am a member of the Astro-Particle Theory and Cosmology Group in the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Sheffield.

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Main Research Interests

My main research interests are:

A list of my publications, and links to download papers, is available at SPIRES HEP.

1905 and All That: An introduction to some of the ideas of special and general relativity, from a seminar given to the Department of Pure Mathematics at the University of Sheffield.

To Infinity and Beyond: Following from ``1905 and All That'', another talk given to the Department of Pure Mathematics, this time covering global and local geometry in General Relativity.

A very informal (and hopefully amusing) presentation of ideas about black holes and my research (for best results, use Microsoft Internet Explorer, notes pages do not view as well in Netscape).


MAS112 Vectors and Motion

Other interests

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Wigan Rugby League Football club rugby league
Cricket, especially Lancashire C.C.C
Playing the piano and guitar (badly)
Judge John Deed
James Bond
Inspector Morse
Northern Italy

Elizabeth Winstanley,  10th October 2010